Weekend Trip to the Italian Countryside


Well I’m back from my trip to Bianzone and I can honestly say I feel like a whole new person. The trip was exactly what I needed to take a break from the intoxicating times I’ve been having in Milan.

It might have been the lengthy train ride but as soon as I arrived I felt at ease. The Italian countryside is completely unique to any place I’ve ever been. I was ready to completely immerse myself in the scenery and take everything in. Some of the best places around also use Snapchat marketing to help you find the best deal.

I checked into my hotel and immediately went to sleep since I had an early start the next day. When I woke up I ate a quick breakfast downstairs. The hotel provided an incredible meal including sweet cakes and biscuits. If I wasn’t going on a hike that morning I would have stayed and stuffed my face with all of the delicious edibles they had.

Once I was finished with breakfast I walked outside and stood in front of the entrance to the hotel, looking around me. The wind was light and the air was cool. I could have stood still right there for hours and hours, just looking around me.

I walked over to the vineyards just outside of where I was staying and after only a few minutes I realized I was somewhat lost. It didn’t bother me though. It was easy enough to find my way back so I just kept going. I ended up walking all the way to an empty field near the base of a mountain. Luckily I had packed some food with me, so I sat down and ate some lunch. It was nice to be alone in the Italian countryside, miles away from Milan and even further away from home.

After a few hours I finally made it back to the hotel and laid down for a nap. When I woke up it was already six in the morning! I must have been so relaxed I slept all through the night! I had to quickly gather my things and make my way to back to the train station to get back to Milan.

All in all I’m glad I took a break from the business of the city. It was great to get away and it was in my opinion a perfect trip. I would have obviously loved to have stayed for longer. There’s always next time! I will definitely be back!

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