Slots with the Best Payouts Today

With so much variety in best slots games today, from different themes and layouts to entirely new gameplay, it can be tough for players to choose a slot that suits them and their own gambling preferences. Instead of going through all the various differences of slots and what they offer, we have decided to take a simpler approach and look at the slots with the best payouts for players.

Goblins Cave 

Developed by PlayTech, this slot promises a great payout to players with a huge RTP of 99.32%! There are three reels, three rows and three paylines. The design of this slot is relatively simple, you venture down into the deep caverns and that is reflected in the design. Typically goblins are portrayed as scary creatures with long noses, sharp claws and generally being quite creepy, as this is not a horror themed game the goblins are depicted as being friendly looking and quite unassuming.  The game mainly utilises earth tones, the colours aren’t dark though, they are just not as vibrant and bright as the bright pinks and yellows that some slots use. The gameplay is easy to understand, there are symbols you have to match to win and on each spin you can choose what symbols you wish to hold. While the game offers no free spins, there is still a lot of fun to be had in the Goblins Cave and with an RTP of 99.32%, players will struggle to find a slot with better payouts. 

Tropic Reels 

Also created by PlayTech, this jungle themed slot has an RTP of 98.95%. There are three reels and five paylines in this slot, don’t let its simple set up fool you however as there is a lot of strategy involved when playing this game. The graphics of the game are exceptional, perfectly capturing the exotic local. The symbols compliment these animations, with designs of plants and exotic fruits such as pineapples. While this game does not feature any bonus games, there is still a lot of fun to be had by players. For example the game offers a lot of wild symbols and a multi spin feature, if this is used with the correct strategy players can multiply their winnings. 


This slot was created by PlayTech (sensing a theme here?) and has an RTP of 98.9%. The cinema themed slot has five reels and five paylines and has a lot of variety in it’s bonus games. Visually, players will enjoy its Hollywood theme, the graphics offer a glimpse into life in front of and behind the camera. The sounds and effects are also great quality and help add to the theme. If you manage to spin either five film camera or script icons in a row then you could win 1000 coins. There’s also a chance to spin and trigger bonus games, for example players could find themselves having to choose between several films and select the best chance on its box office opening weekend, making the correct choice can affect players overall winnings. With a star studded theme and a lot of variety in gameplay, Cinerama offers a great payout for players of any experience. 

In Summary 

Slots have a lot to offer players but  the thing that players should look for above all else is the slots with the best payouts. While this does not always guarantee success for players, the higher the payout the more likely players will be to win back some money!

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