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Adventurous Kate – Inspiring, and really useful info.

Adventure Vacations Report – For the adventurous crowd

Amateur Traveler – A podcast that makes you want to get up and leave town

Beers and Beans – Probably one of my favorite travel blogs ever.

Biorequiem – One of the most interesting ladies out right now.

The Expert Vagabond – Explore the world with Matthew, adventure travel addict & photographer.

Hipstercrite – So much good stuff here.

Indie Travel Podcast – I love stories.

Outbound Adventurer – Adventure awaits

Senior Travel Guides – You’re only as old as you feel

Special Holidays Blog – Tips and Tricks for having a great holiday

Stchd – Global Fashion and Culture

Travel by Brewery – I occasionally writer here; beer and Traveling, the best of the best

Travel Dudes – Dude, travel!

Travel Tart – Traveling doesn’t have to be such serious business

Travel with Kids – Why do grown-ups get to have all the fun?

Twenty Something Travel – It’s good to see other 20-somethings doing crazy stuff

Vagabond Summer – Bringing adventure to business traveling.


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  1. Kelly Sheldrick says:

    Hello, I tried to contact you through your contact us page, but it didn’t work.

    My website is about cycle touring. We are hoping that stories from our trip, plus travel tips, photos and travel information will help inspire people to try cycle touring. It’s really eco-friendly and a great way to see and experience a culture. Our website is http://www.cycletrekkers.com

    I’ll happily include a link on my resources page, if you are interested in a link exchange.


    Happy travels!


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