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An American in London

After getting pretty smashed on the plane–thank you alcohol gods–I made it through the annoying process of leaving the airport and finding my hostel, not understanding my cab driver and then awkwardly meeting the people I would be staying with. I walked over to the local pub where I got entirely too drunk off of such little beer, I guess that’s what happens when you’re super tired and hungry, adventures of an American in London. Our local pub is called the Builder’s Arms, I don’t know why, I’m guessing a builder started it, I’ve seen other pubs with arms in the title too, for some odd reason. Anyway, I’m staying in Kensington which is a little bit nice compared to the larger whole of London—a lot of celebrities live there and it’s just very proper. My Scandinavian roommates are a little younger than I am and they are there to go out and party mostly, which is fine, as long as they don’t come back home drunk and annoying in the middle of the night. I definitely need my beauty sleep, especially when I’m in an entirely new country and every day is going to be an adventure. So for now, I have made it to Europe, and I have begun my travel adventure in the heart of London. It’s going to be a very interesting next few months, I hope that I don’t kill myself in the process, but I guess it’d be a fairly good way to go.

I’ve debated getting on dating sites like OkCupid to go on some dates around here, maybe see what dating in London is like for an estranged American. I doubt anyone worth seeing would want anything to do with my though since I am just a temporary resident. My oh my though, there are some cuties here, lots and lots of attractive people, and so chic! Definitely no one wearing flip-flops here, I think they would murder you–I completely understand though, feet are gross.

american in london


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