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Packing for Milan

packing for milan in may with room for shopping

I only have two weeks in Milan but I just can’t seem to decide what I want to bring with me! Milan is one of the leading fashion centers of the world so I won’t be bringing too much clothes as I hope to return to the U.S. with a whole new wardrobe.

As I have said before I have saved up a nice little nest egg, hopefully I won’t blow it all on an Armani hand bag!

What I’m Packing For Milan

Here’s a sneak peak into my thought processes as I pack for my trip to Milan.

The weather appears to be getting warmer so I will only be bringing a light jacket, which will be a nice change from the blistering cold that has been bombarding my face in Minnesota. I’m trading my wool socks and scarfs for high heels and sun dresses.  Corso Vercelli here I come!

I’m not sure if this was a rumor or if the weather will even be warm enough to warrant it but I am also checking nearly a gallon of bug repellant because I hear that the mosquitos can get pretty nasty near the water. No matter how far I travel from Duluth I just can’t seem to escape the skeeters, so I’m definitely prepping for that as I pack for Milan!

Also, expect to see some beautiful photos of the city and people as I have just received a brand new lens for my camera.  With that I also picked up a 60 gigabyte SD card which can hold more photos than I will even know to do with! Don’t worry I won’t be posting a thousand photos on the blogs only the ones that I deem acceptable.

I’m leaving a lot of room in my suitcase as I pack for Milan so I can bring back a lot of clothing and knick knacks. I only wish that I could bring back all of the delicious food that I am going to be eating. Maybe I will smuggle some cheese onto the plane ;). Packing for Milan is like packing for any trip.

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