Travel Bullet Journal Tips and Inspiration

I’m a huge fan of bullet journaling and have become a raving fan over the last year. I’ve started to create and use a bullet journal for each of my trips and I’ve found it both fun and useful. The biggest thing for me is having a place to jot notes and thoughts about the things I am seeing or doing when traveling. It’s almost like a mini scrapbook that you build in real time and can look back on once back home. I’ve found that when I started doing this that I remember so much more and in so much more detail than if I was just to snap a picture or post to social media.

My favorite thing is using an instant or Polaroid type camera where I can put the picture right into the journal after taking it. It adds a whole new layer which makes looking back on the journals much more fun than simply looking through photos. I hope to inspire you to do the same or something similar!


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