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Joy Boutique

I’d seen Joy boutique in London a few times before I finally was able to catch my breath and step inside. The stuff in the window looked really cute, if Urban Outfitters back in the states was a smaller, less ridiculous place. Actually, they do have Urban Outfitters out here, and it is pretty much the same thing, so I guess I don’t really need to specify.

Anyway, this funky London fashion boutique is a cute little place to buy all kinds of things, there was an ample selection of cute trinkets with pugs on them, funny kitchen utensils, and kitschy crafted items. Now, let’s not forget the clothes here, people! I fell in love with so many beautiful pastel blouses and dresses, like a sexy grandma, I ended up spending about 50 pounds. That’s not too bad right, ok, just ignore how much it costs in American dollars and applaud me for not spending my life savings.

Anyway, this London boutique has many locations throughout the UK so you won’t have to worry about trying to find this place if you’re in town, there’s probably one a block away! Just like pickpockets! I kid I kid, but really make sure you’re smart, pickpockets are a rampant problem here, and don’t think that just because there’s no guns means there’s no danger. Knife crimes around here are common, so be careful, and don’t look like you’re a lousy tourist!

So anyway, again this is one of those great funky London fashion boutiques, that’s got something for everyone! Definitely not the most original concept (ahem, Urban Outfitters) but it’s a nice alternative for those seeking something different, with fewer, but better clothing options

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