WritingsandWanderlust.com is a travel, style, and culture blog by an telecommuting American, who has an interest in art, fashion, books, and culture.

My name is Lindsay, and I am a freelance writer and part-time fashion buyer from Ocean Beach, CA by way of Duluth, MN.

Growing up, I left my house in the early morning and came back as the sun was setting every summer. Don’t get me wrong—I still played Pretty Pretty Princess, but I also had the thirst for adventure outside the confines of mom supervision.

I can’t say much has changed, except I’m no longer living in a small town in the Midwest, and tree-climbing is not really something I do on a day-to-day basis anymore. Something remains true though, the spirit of curiosity is still a vital part of my personality.

I was able to do a study abroad program at San Diego State University in 2009 where I lived in London then Edinburgh while I started to wind down my college career. Post-graduation, I found myself like most young entry level kids–unemployed. I took this opportunity to make small trips with friends, which then became solo trips after a while. I would come home and work at a temp job for a few months and then jet off to a new place where I could stay up late and not have to run to business meetings or any of that.

Lately I have started telecommuting with my current company, who understands that I am a bit on the (ahem) nomadic side, and I work about 6 hours a day, from Cafes or wherever I can get a wi-fi connection. I try to keep my financial splurges to a minimum, but what can I do–I love clothes and things that smell nice.

Favorite Spots:

Edinburgh, Scotland

Galway, Ireland

Manhattan, NY, US

Chicago, IL, US

London, UK

Dorset,  UK

Chesterton, IN

Jerome, AZ, US

Ocean Beach, CA, US

Madison, WI, US


Favorite Food Spots

Champ’s Vegan Diner, Brooklyn

Rito’s Burritos, Phoenix

Aurelio’s Pizza, Chicago

Baked Potato Shop, Edinburgh

Vegan House, LA

8 1/2, London

Archangel, London