Perla di Corso Savoia
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Bed and Breakfast at Perla di Corso Savoia

Have you ever woken up in an Italian bed and breakfast? I can now officially cross that off my bucket list.

Peter and I just stayed at the B&B Perla di Corso Savoia, a beautiful little spot that was recommended to us from a family friend. Even from the other side of the globe I’m receiving some invaluable travel advice from people who know Italy better than I!

What makes the B&B Perla di Corso Savoia so special? That’s a loaded question! The building itself is located in a historical center of Italy known as Rosolini – which is such a pretty name, if I do say so myself. We’re staying right in the heart of Corso Savoia which gives us full access to the surrounding city area.

We stayed in the Tiffany Suite, a charming blue oasis that totally justifies a lazy day under the covers even with so much to do in the city. The walls were painted in this splotchy/cloudy style reminiscent of a gorgeous day in Italy. No major frills here, just a cut above the standard amenities you’d find in nicer hotels.

What kind of food should you expect in an Italian bed and breakfast? We’re told the answer varies from one region to another, but there are certainly a few staples. Obviously we indulged on some deliciously authentic espresso – here coffee is a veritable art form. We also enjoyed some incredibly fresh brioche, a delicate and flaky bread with a sweet buttery taste.

It’s probably worth mentioning that Italy on a whole isn’t huge on the whole breakfast thing since they keep such late hours on average. It certainly makes for a different kind of B&B experience, but I didn’t personally experience any drop off in hospitality. I know Peter was looking to be drowning in mimosas this morning but the orange juice isn’t really flowing in most places around here.

Virtually anywhere we want to go, whenever we decide to leave the comfort of our temporary home, is a short drive or jaunt away. Later today we intend to visit the nearby beaches located in Santa Maria del Focallo. Peter is bringing along his fancy new camera so we can hopefully get some great shots, lighting permitted.

There’s a whole lot more to do in Italy than just stay in a cozy B&B! I should have more updates from the trip in the very near future.

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