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The New Instagram Video App

Facebook is a great place to find ads, like these Facebook ads examples. And they continue to grow. Facebook bought instagram a while back, and I guess now they’re feeling the heat of popular video sharing apps like Vine and Snapchat. The new Instagram video app is available for download, and will be a part of your normal ¬†feed of people’s vegan meals. Just like the one-frame pictures, you can add filters to your videos, change a few things around too, and it won’t have that annoying loop like vine has. So look forward to having a bunch of boring ass 15-second videos in your IG feed.

For someone who hasn’t dabbled into Vine or Snapchat, this might be a better option–all this social networking is getting kind of out of hand. I like how myspace is trying yet again to resurrect itself as some sort of relevant site, RIP, dudes.¬†instagram video

The only thing I wanna see are the Vines of Riff Raff, which are hysterical. If you don’t know Riff Raff, you must look him up–maybe not at work though. He’s a rapper, but he’s absolutely from a different planet where a white man getting a BET tattoo on his neck is a totally normal thing to do, and where you can get Versace spray tans.

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