Haunted Edinburgh Vaults

Paranormal Activity: The Haunted Edinburgh Vaults

I admit, when I first saw that show Ghost Hunters, I got completely sucked in, and kinda maybe paid money to see all the seasons which were out at that time. With a little common sense and few trips to google, I soon realized that my sci-fi channel original series had duped me–or I duped me, but whatever–I don’t like to talk about it. So glad no one can see me cringing and blushing right now. ANYWAY, regardless of whether it’s real or not, I wanted to check out the apparently haunted Edinburgh Vaults and take a tour, and I did just that.

We met up with our seemingly ecstatic tour guide on the royal mile next to a statue. We were then lead into what seemed like a  sketchy passage way, it smelled like moisture and must. After we got out eyes and noses accustomed to the dark damp environment we were given an EMF digital thermometer, which apparently would sense any ghosts within the supposedly haunted vaults.

haunted scotland

The tour guide was really nice and super excited–way more than us actually–but she relayed some ghost stories of a girl who visited the site on a tour and got some sort of facial possession which made her look like the scream mask. Another story involves Mr. Boots, an evil ghost with no face who apparently has heavy footsteps. Jack is the spirit little boy who seems to tug on the shoes and clothes of pregnant women or moms in general.

We all had to hold hands in a circle and close our eyes, one woman yelped because she felt something brush by her, suuuure. Anyway, so we continued on and went into a few different rooms, learned some solid history along with some ghost encounters people have had. Honestly, the history of the Edinburgh vaults is almost just as scary as the ghosts that allegedly haunt them.

Haunted Edinburgh Vaults

Lots of poor people lived here, and were murdered in their sleep, since it was pitch black (only rich people had candles in this era), and flooding, crime, dead bodies were common occurrences. This underground micro-city started being evacuated in about 1795, after businesses tried using it as a storage space or workshop area, but found it flooded too often. During the industrial revolution these spaces were used as slums, which is seriously sugar-coating it. Serial killers Burke and Hare allegedly murdered people living there and sold them to medical schools. Crazy right?

Check out out EMF meters going bananas. IS THAT YOU MR. BOOTS?

Haunted Edinburgh Vaults

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