The Way You’re Doing Skincare May be Wrong

What do you do when you go home from work? What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? For many, the morning routine starts with putting on a layer of makeup rather than cleansing the face first. Made that mistake already? 

You might be committing these, too: 

Skipping the Moisturizer 

Some people don’t think they need moisturizing. You touch your face and think it’s supple and firm enough that you can go straight to your foundation. When you’re younger, this will not be much of a problem. As you age, however, the signs of years of neglecting your skin start to show. Before you reach that stage, care for your skin now by adding moisturizers to the list of cosmetic products you buy online. It’s not hard to incorporate in your skincare, and it’s one of the most important. Never skip it again. Your future self will thank you. 

Thinking Sun Protection is Only for Sunny Days 

It’s cloudy outside and you’re in a hurry, so you go for your natural look sans the sun protection. You tell yourself this will not hurt because the sun is not out anyway. The problem is, UV rays don’t hide when the sun does. They can still cause damage to your skin even if it’s cloudy. After years of not protecting your skin from the sun, the signs of aging will start to show. Sun damage may also be prominent if you have sensitive skin. All this could have been prevented if you took the few minutes to apply sun protection. And don’t forget your lips, too. 

Not Cleansing in the Morning 

If you shower at night, your mornings may mean getting up and rushing through your makeup application to get out of the door as quickly as possible. You tell yourself that last night’s cleansing is enough and that your skin is good to go. While your skin does not encounter outside pollution while you sleep, it’s still in contact with pillows, blankets, and even clothes that may have unseen particles on them. As your nighttime skincare products have worked their magic while you were sleeping, it’s only fitting to wash your face at least with water. And, of course, don’t skip your moisturizer. 

Going Straight to Bed 

On days when you’re feeling too lazy to apply makeup, you may think you can skip the cleansing before bedtime, too. This is not advisable because, despite the lack of makeup, your skin may have still accumulated dust and dirt when you headed out. In fact, without the barrier of protection that your makeup would usually provide, it’s even more important to cleanse your face after going about your day barefaced. When you go to sleep immediately, you’re not only sleeping with a dirty face; you’re also transferring all that dirt to your beddings. Make it a habit to cleanse and wash your whole body before bedtime so that you can sleep with no worries.    

The more inconsistent your skincare is, the less effective it becomes. Think of that next time you feel the urge to be lazy “just this once.”

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