Habits You’ll Pick Up On After Living in London

In this series of post I’m going to attempt to document just what to expect if you’re an American moving to London, or even from other places, although I can only draw from my personal experiences. There are some silly habits you’ll pick up on after living in London include:

Habits you pick up on after living in London

  • Picking Up the Accent. I’m guilty of this, and NOT because I’ve always wanted one, but I couldn’t help but pick up a British accent while living in the UK. It’s not totally pronounced, but the way I say “sorry” and my inflections on certain words have certainly changed
  • Eating with a fork and knife. In England people don’t just pick up a hamburger and eat it, well, some do, but that’s besides the point–THE POINT IS, people can consume food at a record setting pace by using a fork and knife together, and it looks so prim. Even if the person eating is a sloppy looking chav.
  • That’s another thing, the English slang. I asked where the trash can was during my first week, and the guy LAUGHED AT ME. Sooo… I just ask where the bin is now. You don’t say what’s going on tonight, you say what’s on. It’s the little things like that–it’s not that it doesn’t make sense, it’s just different from American culture. There’s also just differences like calling cookies biscuits or a trunk a boot, you get the idea. bring-to-london
  • Bringing water with you. Restaurants are not as…comforting here. You’ll only get water if you ask, and it’s often a small warm glass of tap. Consider hydrating before you’re out and about, or bring a contigo or other bottle around with you.
  • Being more quiet. Americans are so easy to spot, because it’s like they’re ALWAYS YELLING. So, taking the volume down a few notches is just something you learn real fast.
  • Not smiling at strangers. Well, yanno, it’s just how it goes here, some stereotypes are true.
  • Never wearing flip-flops out, it’s soooo in bad taste to wear flip-flops.
  • Using physical money, especially coins. In England you mostly just use cash, since a lot of places only take it. Or, if you do have a card, you often need a chip, because they don’t swipe cards at a lot of places the way we’re used to in America. Get familiar with the coins, since the pound is essentially your one-dollar bill.GBP
  • Holding on to your belongings in crowded areas. Pickpockets are clever here, anytime the tube is stuffed, I make sure to keep my stuff all together.
  • Not tipping your service workers, they make a living wage
  • Looking the opposite ways when you cross the street, please don’t get hit by a car.
  • Going off the 24-hour clock, Even though most people will say 8pm or whatnot, but most digital clocks are on military time.
  • Drinking your tea with milk and sugar, my teeth are going to be so British when I leave.pack an umbrella when you're going to london
  • Not being surprised seeing naked people in the newspaper. Yes, there are boobs in British newspapers.
  • Bringing a little umbrella with you when you go out, the weather here is lovely one minute then pouring freezing rain the next.

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