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Taylor Chapman’s Dunkin’ Doughnuts Rant

If you haven’t already seen the viral video on YouTube of ┬áTaylor Chapman’s Dunkin’ Doughnuts rant, I embedded it here for you to see. While it’s always fun to watch people humiliate themselves, I could’n’t help but feel a sick queasy tingle in my stomach. I guess knowing that these things happen is cause for me to become saddened, and that people can be so cruel; I mean some of the stuff she was saying is, for a lack of a better term: batshit insane.Taylor Chapman Dunkin Dougnuts

I swear not all white American females are not this horrible, on behalf of my kind, I would like to apologize for this woman’s foul mouth.

Why did she have to be racist? There was no need to bring that into play. I mean, the guy was just getting her food, and obeying her every wish, he probably overstepped his position to please her and diffuse the situation, but she was RELENTLESS.

That abusive behavior is pretty inexcusable, even though this woman is obviously plagued with mental illness, she’s gonna pay for what she did…to herself! It’s really comical that she uploaded the damn thing on the internet–biggest backfire EVER.

I guess she had to delete her Facebook and Instagram accounts because people were accosting her for her shittious behavior.

Just a warning–she uses really obscene language and doesn’t hold back from using racist comments:

There are so many INSANE things she says that you should just watch the whole thing…

Mars, really? I don’t think any goddamn martian would want you remotely close to their planet, lady.

My guess is that she’s going to come out and say she was all coked out when she did this, and that she is sorry etc etc, but you forgot that the internet is not a forgiving mistress. One racist typhoon of idiocy is enough to propel you straight to the infamous losers category forever.

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