London Soho Shops

I ventured to the London Soho Shops area today to get my shopping on around all their nice little boutiques. I spotted an Upper Playground store, which was really cool, and had graffiti all over it, and all sorts of other places I’d never heard of.

Apparently this super fun area is the home to people like Karl Marx and Eric Clapton, which is strange since a lot of the places look like posh bars. Some of the clubs here are private, which is totally foreign to me; I wonder how you get in.

Carnaby Street has a lot of great stores, I went and bought some underwear at world-renowned Agent Provocateur (ooh la la la) and wished I had more money. The real winner for me was going to Irregular Choice, the crazy shoe store with some of the most interesting shoes you will ever see! I definitely need to get on that train for my boutique. I fell in love with so many shoes there, it was unreal, and some of them were completely outlandish, just plain crazy shoes. There are some really interesting London fashion boutiques here.

london fashion boutiques

There’s a ton of gay and lesbian bars in London but I think the majority of them are in Soho. I kind of want to go out tonight around here to see what all the fuss is about. Plus, it’s located right by Leicester Square and Camden,  which seems to be true nightlife destinations from what I’ve seen and heard. I definitely have been using the crap out of my Oyster card to get around; it’s really great to not have to worry about driving.

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