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From stepping off a normal East London Street to entering a surreal world that looks plucked right off the scene from a Stanley Kubrick movie, the LN-CC shop is FIERCE. There’s so much geometric asymmetry that somehow makes it look incredible chic and modern. The clothes are held in a gem-like prism of wood and glass; a little intimidating but really, it was unlike anything I’d ever seen. Bring your vinyl enthusiasts, your book worms, your fashionistas, basically anyone with two eyes and an appreciation for art–this is much more than any other London fashion boutique.

This is definitely an upscale boutique, Late Night Chameleon Café (LN-CC) is something that originated as an online store then became an appointment only type of place. When you walk in, you enter through a dense and dimly lit wooden forest, which smells like incense. You’re then met with the next part which looks like 2001: A Space Odyssey; cold white shapes surround you, in which you can access all the other rooms.

There are four rooms, one carried a lot of lighter clothing with white shelves; the second one was darker and a bit more expensive than the last. There was also a room full of completely off the wall shelving, which went in every direction you could imagine. The last room was the earth space which was the very foresty room with prism clothes racks. I couldn’t afford anything in this room, items hot off the runway were littered throughout this space.

One cool thing about the LN-CC boutique is that they also have a music room for private events that features a vintage sound system and disco ball. If you go, just head over to the Late Night Chameleon website to book an appointment! Don’t miss a chance to check this place out: it’s like a sincere love letter to fashion, art, music, design and culture, highly recommended!

LN-CC Shop London

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