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Arriving in Paris

I just got settled into my hotel, Les Jardins du Marais in Paris, what a beautiful place, it sure is the perfect romantic hotel, good thing I’m single—not. There are a lot of trees here, a really lovely modern lounge, and my room is nice and comfy. I’ll only be here for a few days, but so far so good. I booked my room in advance so I got to save 10%, every little bit helps I guess, especially when the American dollar is basically worth nothing in Europe.

The taxi drive from the airport to the hotel wasn’t too bad, I got to take a good look at my home for the next few weeks and I can say I am a very excited about this one with great certainty. When I was last overseas they had the French Open and I didn’t really want to fly in because of all the madness that would ensue. So here I am, two years later and still excited as ever to be in the city of love, I can hear taxi cabs outside my window and it feels just like New York only a bit different.

French people dress so well here, and they all look really nice all the time, it’s definitely not the place to wear socks and sandals here. Boy, I think they’d just lose their mind if they saw what people in the States wear on a regular basis. Oh, that’s another thing, they do seem to be fans of Honey Boo Boo here, which makes me a little depressed –I swear we’re not all like that. I can’t wait to go out and explore tomorrow when I’m more awake and ready to get things done, it’s hard to stay up when you’re trying to beat jet lag, so hopefully all the wine I just drank didn’t completely distort my post. Bon Nuit!

les jardins du marais paris

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