How To Know If Your Hotel Room Is Safe From Bed Bugs

The holiday seasons are drawing near. Again, it is a time where people are busy booking their flights and their hotels. Of course, it is best to prepare early to make sure you will enjoy every minute of your much-awaited vacation. But pleasure should always be combined with safety. Your goal is to savor the moment and go back home unharmed. Unfortunately, most travelers are not aware that their hotel rooms may be hiding tiny bloodsuckers under their beds that can put your health at risk. Avoid being a victim and pay attention to these things to keep you protected from itchy bites and refrain from bringing these bugs as your creepy souvenir.

Place Your Stuff In The Bathroom

Say what?! Putting your personal stuff inside the bathroom may be a weird thing to do. But if you think about it, the bathroom is one of the regularly cleaned areas and is included in the priority list when it comes to thorough cleaning in hotels. Therefore we can say that the bathtub, in particular, has the slightest probability of bed bug invasion. 

We suggest that once you arrived at your room, place your luggage in the bathtub to restrict the bugs from getting near your belongings. Don’t worry, this is just a temporary place for your things while you inspect for possible pest infestation in your room because surely you do not want your luggage to be the bugs’ new home. If, unfortunately, they do get into your luggage and you take them back home with you (a souvenir no one wants!) you will definitely need an exterminator. If you are living or visiting the Chicago area be sure to call around for the best prices for pest control exterminators in illinois. If you have a possible infestation, you will need to get it taken care of professionally right away!

Let The Searching Begin

An obvious sign of an infestation is to see a crawling bed bug right away but these bugs are skilled in hiding so finding them is not that easy. You need effort and patience to ensure that you can sleep peacefully at night. First, you need a flashlight to see through the dark cracks where they love to cram in. The question is, What should you search for? This may be disgusting but for the sake of the safety of your loved ones, watch out for the following:

1. Do you notice some small blood spots in between the mattresses and couch? Bed bugs are known for sucking human blood. After feeding bed bugs will digest the blood meal and excrete it as a dark liquid that will appear as dark spots.

2. Do you see skin sheddings also known as “Casts Skins”? Just like how a snake sheds its skin, bed bugs also shed skin and leave them behind as they go from one immature stage to the next.

3. Are there bed bug eggs/eggshells in sight? Yes, it can be seen by the naked eye. Eggs are pearly white, found in clusters and are about one millimeter long.

Where Do Bugs Live?

The bed area is the place where bugs usually stay. Aside from the mattress, you can also check the box spring, bed frame, and even the headboard. Not just that, you should also inspect the seams of your couch and the cushions. Make sure that even tiny cracks and gaps, where bed bugs can breed, must also be checked.

If Bed Bugs Are Present

If bed bugs are confirmed present in your hotel room, you should be able to trap and take a picture of them to serve as evidence. Call the manager immediately and let them see it personally. The management should then give you another convenient room once you report it to them.

The inconvenience of having an infested room may be one of the worst experiences you can have but following the guidelines above can help you prevent this kind of nightmare from happening. Most of all, being calm and friendly to the hotel staff when unfortunate events like this happen, can keep help maintain the peace and happiness of your entire vacation. Make sure you do not bring home a bed bug with you. In case you did, reach out for Middletown Pest Control and they will gladly help you.

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