How To Decorate Your Farmhouse And Get A Warm Relaxing Vibe

Many people prefer to live in the city because it offers many jobs and the availability of transportation which makes it easy to move around. On the other hand, some people choose to stay in rural areas where they experience peace and quiet away from the busy city life. They are already satisfied with their simple life, taking care of their field and living in their farmhouse. 

A farmhouse may sound a little old fashioned but with the right decors, you can give it a twist of an up-to-date style without taking the sentimental feel. If you want to achieve that cozy, relaxing feel without being too outdated, read this article and follow these tips on how to decorate your farmhouse. 

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Decorations Must Be Practical

The decors are supposed to be practical and convenient. Avoid dainty and sensitive decors. The theme should reflect a study and tough feel but must still come up with style. Items bought from flea markets and pre-owned displays can be mixed with some of the latest pieces such as modern lights. Also, there is no need to be matchy-matchy. For instance, you do not need a complete set of sofa. A couch can be paired with a vintage chair. The appeal of a farmhouse comes from these kinds of combinations. Your decorations can also come from your old belongings so you do not need to spend too much just to be in style.

Elements Of Decor For Your Farmhouse

1. Barn Wood

Use a reclaimed wood, or a high-quality upcycled wood for your floors, walls or furniture. Aged and weathered reclaimed barn siding brings an air of rusticity to homes It echoes the past and its unique feature will surely add charm to your home.

2. Bare Wood Columns

Having an exposed wood beam allows nature to be felt in your farmhouse while serving as an excellent architectural detail for your home.

3. Butcher’s Block

This refers to a style of an assembled wood looking like a butcher’s chopping block for tables or countertops. 

4. Apron Or Farm Sink

This is a certified farmhouse look plus the benefit of its large amount of space you could work with especially when you have huge pots and pans. Your sink can even be the focal point of your kitchen, apron front sink is a statement piece!

5. Classic Furniture

Create a classic look by putting old lamps, vintage side chairs and tables with a new sofa or a vintage chest that you can partner with a new bed. Mix and match your old and new stuff bringing back memory lane to your farmhouse. 

7. Wicker And Rattan Materials

Just a thing or two made of these materials, such as a chair or a basket, this farmhouse decor can already create a great countryside atmosphere.

8. Slipcovers

Another way is to put slipcovers on your sofa. It gives a soft and relaxing ambiance to your home. It is easy to maintain since you can just take them off and wash them if needed. Even wood chairs can have a slipcover to provide a soft look in the dining room.

The farmhouse decor tips above can help you achieve your goal of having a calm and homey farmhouse if you follow them and we are sure you would want to stay a little bit longer or even forever in your farmhouse.

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