Book the Best Hotel to Enjoy the Warmth and Amity of Bandung

Bandung is the third-largest city in Indonesia, which is very near to Jakarta with a cool climate. The city is dotted with the majestic architecture of Dutch origin. There is a lot of open space in the city beautified with gardens, fountains, golf courses, and zoos. The streets are bejeweled with cafes and restaurants offering various ethnic and continental culinary. The city is a perfect blend of tradition and urbanization, solemn religion, and tempting coffee, the thriving cafeteria, and lively markets emit overt warmth and amity. 

Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih, also known as White Crater, is situated in the south of Bandung, which is a ten-hour drive from the city. The path to the volcano crater is scenic and charming, sprinkled with strawberry orchards and tea gardens. This crater is situated above 1200mt above sea level and an awesome place to watch the sunrise. Situ Patenggang Lake is situated near the crater, on the way you can taste fresh strawberry and visit the tea plantation welcomed by a refreshing aromatic cup of tea. You can start your journey from the hotel with a local guide, driving south to visit Kawah Putih and spectacular lake. After a beautiful and memorable journey, you can come back to the comfort of hotel Bandung.

The Hotels 

Most of the hotels in Bandung are located near Riau Street, which is the heart of the city with many fashionable shopping malls and cafeterias. The hotels provide a free Wi-Fi connection to customers. The rooms are sparkling, clean, and well furnished. The staffs are polite, the service is excellent, and the food is delicious. Both rooms and toilets are clean and well maintained. The rooms are air-conditioned, which works perfectly. Most hotel Bandung has free parking areas.


You can travel to Puncak from Bandung through an air-conditioned coach. The local guide will explain the history and tradition of each destination. One of the major tourist attractions is Bogor, one of the oldest botanic gardens in Southeast Asia. The city boast of 205,000 square meters with 36 gardens. There is a small pool where children can enjoy swimming. This quiet place is idyllic for some relaxing moments while listing to the rich cultural heritage from local guides.

Keraton cliff

This cliff offers magnificent views, from where you get a bird`s eye view of the city and the luxuriant green surroundings. The road that leads to this majestic cliff is bumpy, but once you reach the hilltop, all the exhaustion will turn to bliss. Another exciting place to visit in Bandung is Treetop Adventure Park, where you can indulge in many outdoor adventure sports like the Flying Fox Challenges. If you like some daring activities, do not forget to visit this park. This city is different from other metropolitans as it offers numerous audacious sporting activities.

Bandung is an exciting city with volcanoes, tea gardens, strawberry orchards, and majestic architects. Visitors from around the world flock in this city to witness the spectacular natural beauty to experience the rich cultural history. It is a vibrant city with many excellent, comfortable hotels, where the service is unparalleled, and the tariff is reasonable.

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