What are the best career options after completing arts and design programme?

Arts and design careers come in various forms, all sectors included. Experts in this field can earn their living easily by acquiring jobs that involve helping people express themselves through art. We have here gathered a list of prospective careers that you can apply for, where artistic vision and design skills are much needed.

  • Fine artist − Fine artists are the creator of original works of art, in a wide range of media, such as paint, wood, metal or textiles. These professionals are mainly focused to generate pure works of art, which distinguishes them from job options within the same genre. They do not rely on adding visual appeal to structures with a functional purpose, including making a building, clothing item or webpage look good better than its original version.
  • Art gallery curator − Art gallery curators are accountable for the artworks’ condition, that a gallery owns or has borrowed. Curators working in an art gallery will be engaging in:
  • Buying artworks;
  • Deciding on the display;
  • Writing explanatory materials for visitors;
  • Giving talks to students and the general public;
  • Working with conservators to ensure that artworks remain in good condition;
  • Overseeing junior staff;
  • Carrying out relevant academic research. 
  • Art therapist − Art therapists work to improve the lives of people who are suffering from mental health, addiction, behaviour or communication issues, or individuals recovering from illness or brain injury. These professionals encourage them by employing art as a way to explore and get in touch with their feelings, thereby finding a way to move forwards with their lives. They are hired to work at establishments such as schools, hospitals, prisons and rehab units, where they may develop specialisms during the years of experience.
  • Art technician – Also referred to as art demonstrators, these design specialists work in colleges to help students set up and use the technical equipment needed in an art studio. They teach students about InDesign operations, using a 3D printer, screen-printing and traditional photographic processing in a darkroom. 
  • Art auctioneer − Art auctioneers (or valuers) assess how much an artwork or antique piece is worth for and how much it should be sold or insured for. They can be employed at auction houses, insurance companies or art dealer firms, and earn a specialisation in areas such as paintings, jewellery or furniture. If you are just starting in your career, you may be able to get a job as an assistant or porter at auction houses and then work your way up.

Opportunities for art and design students expand into other ventures such as media, film and theatre, where art-related jobs are plenty. Understand the significance of art foundation courses in London and decide for yourself. Apply soon.

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