How to Make Loungewear Work

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, grabbing a cup of coffee, and writing in my bullet journal. Not only do I want to be comfortable, but I also want to look cute!

Many people I talk to have a misconception about loungewear. Some think it is a symbolism of being lazy and others just think there is no possible way that what you wear while lounging around the house can be cute.

They both are wrong!

Just because I like to wear joggers does not mean I am lazy! The one thing about joggers is they are super cute PLUS I can wear them when I am literally jogging, reading a book, or even just running errands. They are the jack of all trades when it comes to fashion.

Yes, some people like to get all dressed up when running to the store. But I can still look good in the half the time by picking out the right loungewear.

When I go to buy T-shirts, I make sure they are fitted. Nobody wants to see you in a sloppy tee. You can still rock those band tees. Just make sure they are fitted and paired with stylish bottoms.

When it comes to shoes, anything is pretty much acceptable except for slippers, unless you don’t plan on leaving the house. Now slippers really scream laziness.

It really comes down to the weather. If it is cold or rainy out, then tennis shoes or boats are totally doable. If it is warm and dry, go with sandals. But when all else fails, wear those cute little tennis shoes. They tend to go with everything and are very appropriate for running errands or doing yard work!

It doesn’t matter if you are lounging around the house, working out, or running errands, you can still wear stylish loungewear and look cute! Don’t make the excuse that they don’t make cute loungewear, because they do!

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