Frankfurt, Germany

Train to Frankfurt, Germany

While I was still having a great time checking out everything Berlin had to offer, I knew I had to take the time to head south to Frankfurt, Germany to check out the business side of Germany.

I woke up early in the morning and got a cab to the station where I waiting for my 6 AM train that would have in me in Frankfurt by lunchtime. While I was waiting for my train, I noticed another girl my age who seemed to be somewhat lost. When I went to help, she seemed a little startled at first. I could tell she wasn’t American but luckily for the both of us she spoke a little English and I was able to help her. Turns out she was getting on the same train I was!

I later found out her name was Amelia and she was visiting some family up in Berlin. She was taking the train back to her home town of Kayserberg (a small town in France known best as a stop on a wine tasting tour) and had planned on stopping in Frankfurt, Germany to visit her cousin for the evening. She invited me to join her and I of course said yes!

On the train Amelia and I mostly talked about typical girl things: boys, fashion, and traveling.  For someone from a small French town, Amelia’s English was actually pretty decent. I helped correct her a few times, which she seemed thankful for.

What was advertised as a 5 hour train ride felt like a quick five minutes, and before I knew it Amelia and I were heading in a cab to her friends house near the downtown business area. Frankfurt could be called the New York of Germany (although I hate comparing New York to ANY city) because of the amount of international travelers and business landscape. Everyone seemed so busy at the lunch hour, and when Amelia and I got out of the cab to meet her cousin for lunch, it was like we were stepping out onto a typical American metropolis!

We walked down the street for a while before Amelia started running towards a tall hunky guy who I assumed was her cousin. She introduced the two of us and I could tell right away that this guy was trouble… but the kind of trouble I enjoy! We got lunch and headed back to Amelia’s cousin’s to rest before going out for the night.

Amelia’s cousin Garret was more than a gracious host. He fed us dinner after our naps and drove us around the city. We stopped at a few bars and clubs and met up with some of his other (really cute) friends. All in all it was a great night!

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