Liverpool England

Awesome Beatles History in Liverpool, England

Liverpool England

After hanging out in London and having an incredible time on the London Eye, I decided to head up to Liverpool, England for the day to check out the history behind one of my all-time favorite bands: The Beatles!

When I was younger, I remember my dad and I listening to the Beatles on our way to and from school everyday. Even throughout my teen and now adult years I’ve been a HUGE Beatles fan. I have pretty much all of their albums on vinyl and have seen the Cirque Du Soleil “Love” show in Las Vegas almost ten times. I love it!

Anyway, I made my way up to Liverpool, England to The Beatles Story — an award-winning museum that is full of photos, videos, and other Beatles memorabilia that almost brought a tear to my eye. When I arrived, I was handed a headset and made my way around the room as the digital tour guided me around most of the building. The tour was extremely informative and really made me appreciate the music of The Beatles even more. I always knew they had a huge impact on modern culture, but I had no idea to what extent. I was amazed to say the least.

The museum definitely seemed like something you could bring the whole family to. They had a lot of attractions catered towards children and even a “4D” theatre that I’m assuming was some sort of cartoon history of the band. Either way, I had a blast and would recommend it to anyone visiting Liverpool England.

After the museum I decided to grab a bite to eat at a nearby pub. I sat down at the bar and ordered some chips to snack on while I drank a beer that was entirely too big (not complaining though!). A younger gentlemen sat next to me and attempted to make conversation. I was too hungry and a little too tired after walking around the museum to really give the guy any attention, so I sort of brushed him off so I could continue stuffing my face.

I headed back to London and walked around for a bit, taking in the sights and sounds. I really do love this city and am so happy to be back.

For now, time to relax in the room before heading out for the night. I’m going to head out to some clubs and see what trouble I can get myself into!

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