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Top 5 Summer Street Styles in London

It’s starting to heat up around here, which isn’t saying much compared to my home back in the western part of the US, BUT, there is some serious street style in London.

1. Ankle trousers. These are huge right now, because they’re the perfect not too hot, not too cold bottom that you can look sophisticated in, and fun at the same time (look at these reds!)

ankle pants | london street style

2. A big floppy hat. If you have seen the Saint Laurent show for Spring 2013, you know  how badass a black floppy hat can be. People in London LOVE their hats, you can find some serious LOL-worthy headgear at places like Marks and Spencer that rivals the infamous vagina hat Princess Beatrice wore at the wedding of William and Kate. floppy hat | london street style

3. A black leather motorcycle jacket. Seriously, the weather here changes like a teen’s mood, you’ll still need a lighter jacket (or even heavier) during the summer months in the UK.
leather jacket | london street style


4. A skirt with a little sheer. Super cute, super chic, and super sexy these sheer skirts, tops, and dresses are HOT. Especially with a tasteful crop top in a neutral color.

sheer trend | london street style

5. Cute flatforms. These heel/sandal/flat hybrids are super cute, and bring out the sexiness of heels without the pain of parading on a little piece of wood all day–hey, a girls gotta hustle sometimes. cuteflats

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