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The Best Bakeries in Paris

Paris has this whole gluttonous urge thing down to a T, besides the heavenly crepes which I have experienced here I have also indulged in my fair share of baked goods. I know I mentioned it previously, but the French croissant is something else, it is truly a feat of shear baking wizardry. Even the way Parisians say croissant is just perfect–gotta love those romance languages. Here are the best bakeries and best restaurants in Paris, that I know of.

Maison Kayser is a truly a marvel, although it has locations all over the world now, nothing beats the original. A tad bit pricier than a few of the other bakeries I’ve been to, I really felt like a snooty Frenchman. The eclairs were just wonderful, and the bread is the most authentic tasting thing that I have had thus far.

Coming in at a close second was Poilane, which is another nice little bakery, they’re all about bread here, and it’s their specialty. Although their tarte aux pommes was delightfully balanced—not too sweet or savory, there’s a location right near the Eiffel Tower if you want to lay in the grass with a bottle and bread. How French is that? Okay, how long before they kick me out?

The carby goodness at Le Moulin de la Vierge is great as well, another spot right by the Eiffel Tower. They had an excellent variety of different baked goods, and even things like cheesecake,  chocolate cake and the best mille-feuille. I really liked the prices here, nothing too extraordinarily expensive, so it fit in well with my trip budget, but not so much my waistline–onto the next notch, that’s what happens when you go to the best bakeries in Paris.

Parisian croissant

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