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Boutiques in Milan

I wanted to cover a topic near and dear to my own heart while out living in Milan, the amazing and vibrant boutiques nestled in the city. Known for their colors and off the wall fashion, many of these boutiques serve as inspiration for the rest of the world.

Interested in shopping the boutiques in Milan? Remember to pack the Dr. Scholl’s! There’s a ton of walking involved just to browse the best ones the city has to offer. While I’m by no means a pro, I managed to catch many boutiques locals consider their favorites.

The first stop on my shopping spree was Milan Kochi, ‘The Big Boutique’ in the city. Specializing in stylish Indian fashion, the window displays were just bursting with color when I first came up to this multiple story building. There was a large crowd pouring over the front of the store, many men purchasing handfuls of eye-popping garments with their girlfriends and wives.

What immediately drew my eye were the racks of intricate kurtis. I love Indian fashions for many reasons beyond their use of bold colors — the patterns and floral embroidery are absolutely beautiful. I find it’s easy enough to incorporate some of this distinct fashion with quick accessories like shawls, but I couldn’t resist grabbing myself a few of the slimmer cut kurtis.

I also had the chance to stop by la Rinascente, which ended up being my favorite all around boutique in the area. Its profile from the street is simple beautiful, giving you a wonderful idea of the fashion housed inside.

I found la Rinascente had just about everything, even some big name Western designers like Calvin Klein. There were gorgeous women from the city inside sampling many of the cosmetics, many of whom looked as though they were preparing for weddings. I never know how badly I wanted to get put together in a foreign city like this!

I picked up a few beauty products at la Rinascente including some truly intoxicating perfumes. Fortunately, nothing ever broke apart in my luggage, otherwise I’d of smelt completely overwhelming even in a fragrant city like Milan!

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