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Carnaby Street Shopping Party!!

Ladies and gentlemen, save up for your retirement later: Carnaby Street is offering 20% off on pretty much all of their shops this Thursday, May 2nd from 5-9pm. Good Googley Moogely! I can’t wait, you just need a free ticket you can just get off their website and you’re set.

carnaby street shops

Basically, I’m going to be hitting up The Kooples, Monki, the Make Up Store, and Dahlia for sure. Monki is apparently Cheap Monday’s younger and more “fun” brand, although, I quite like Cheap Monday as is–I need to check this place out though, for science! I usually don’t find a whole lot at The Kooples, it’s not always really “my bag” but if there’s a discount then I might oblige myself in some timeless and versatile pieces. This is gonna be great, because I didn’t really have any plans, and all the fun places around there are so close. Go shopping, get some food, get some drinks, stumble home–you know the drill! I love Carnaby Street.

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