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What is a Travel Journal Anyway? Isn’t That What Social Media is For?

For most of my life I have traveled around and had to rely on pictures and low quality videos, though now we have amazing quality videos. These days, most people remember their past trips in this way and maybe a photo album that is for their eyes only. There is no replacement for these, don’t get me wrong, but when you remember, do you remember how you really felt?

Those spaces in between are very interesting to me. Was it one of the best moments of your life? Did you experience an emotion at the extreme – what was it like? How interesting is to think about those answers, let alone pursue them yourself.

Why is this so much better?

The memories will be far more vivid and the ability to recall those memories will be much more easily recalled either in part, or in whole. Noting small details about an experience. The smell of a passing couple, the complexity of a stained glass window, the feel of a cobblestone road.

A picture makes you remember the texture and awkwardness of that moment. Your journal entry will describe how you were feeling in such great detail, that it will do far more than help recall the experience. It’ll help take you back to the scene in the mind as if time has not passed. It’s like taking a picture with your brain instead of your camera!

For me, the journal is both a planning tool and a tool for reflection at the same time. I try to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day while on a trip in order to log some thoughts. Since it doubles as my daily planner, I am in and out of it all the time.

I’ve developed a daily journaling habit as part of my lifestyle, but that dedication is not needed. Depending on your vacation style, there are various ways you can fit it in. The most common being over breakfast or over dinner for those who will be hungover in the morning! Commuting is often a good option as well. Learn some tips and tricks to lock down short-term daily journaling techniques.

Pro Tip:

Polaroids or instant film camera are an awesome addition! You can snap pictures and store them between with a note on them for you to journal on later. Store the image on the page in the journal for a trip down memory lane in the future that you will never forget!

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