baked potato shop scotland
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The Baked Potato Shop in Edinburgh

I’m a potato fiend, and also vegetarian, so I have been leery of the tatties (potatoes) around here for fear that I’ll get a slab of lard in it or something. Then right off the Royal Mile I find a vegan/vegetarian baked potato shop titled: The Baked Potato Shop and I think I died and went to heaven. I had a lovely potato with corn, peppers, and vegan mayo–it was sooo good. I also had one with veggie haggis on it, complete with a Scottish traditional beverage, an Irn Bru (like Iron brew). Their menu has so many great things on it, which are great for carnivores and vegans alike.

baked potato shop scotland

If you spill Irn Bru on your clothes, you’ll pretty much never get it off, so make sure to wear dark colors if you’re a total clutz like me. It’s apparently illegal in the US, so I hear, because of it’s iron content and super orange dye coloring. I think it tastes kind of like bubblegum though, oddly enough. I swear, the day I find a normal orange soda in the UK I will lose my shit. Anyway, I ate here like fifty times, and I think the owner thinks I have a problem now. Oh well. ¬†They have really good opening and closing times, since so many other places are so flakey.

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