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My Latest Pinterest Finds

It’s amazing how many pins I amass over the course of a regular week. Without really thinking about it, just over the course of watching tv or listening to music, I can quickly hit triple digits. Now I’m virtually up to my eyeballs in different crafts. What’s a girl to do?

wine rack

I’ve been meaning to make myself a charming littleĀ wine rack for some time now; I still have some choice bottles I received over the holidays just sitting on my kitchen counter. I fell in love with this vertical space saving design I found. The construction on this is incredibly straight forward.

My patio is also in need of a little maintenance this spring. I have a rather unimaginative wooden patio table sitting out there collecting dust, but I found this awesome picnic idea. By adding a rain gutter to the center, I can ice down bottled beers and frilly cocktails. The final ingredient here is simply good company.

picnic table idea
I’m not sure how it is for most people, but I often find myself drowning in a sea of birthdays come spring. How am I planning on surviving this year? Frugal crafting gifts, of course. Most everything on this gift list runs about $5, saving you some serious green and still allowing you to gift like a superstar.

In the time it took me to write this post, I pinned about 5 different things. Do I have a problem?

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