London Street Style

London street style has us reeling …

Our neighbors across the pond have a certain penchant for wearing some sensational everyday styles. The often gloomy London sky calls for plenty of layering which allows residents to get a little more experimental with their dress. London street style is known for covering a lot of ground.

People from London really love their colors, often trying to bring a little pop to city living where the sun can’t, often concealed beyond the clouds. Another major trend in London is clothing items with fur. ┬áThe cooler weather certainly compels people to adopt the warmer options.

London fashion week occurred as recently as September so it’s not uncommon to see the ripple effects. This city is bustling with foot traffic and so you’re bound to bump into the occasional style innovator on every street. The diverse London population has always been part of its charm, giving the area a pulse you can really see.

If you’re savvy when it comes to fashion, you’ll want to allot yourself a good budget to purchase clothing on your trip to the city. There’s no shortage of boutiques but they all tend to be on the higher-end when you’re talking about the city.

Check out some of our favorite London looks below.

Photos via The Style Scout …

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