Layoners Sunglasses Buying Guide: Factors To Consider When Shopping Shades

There are many factors to consider before buying your next sunglasses. Layoners, one of the best shops offering a wide collection of shades bring you these buying guide tips:

  • Face Shape

One of the top factors when choosing shades is the shape of your face. Wrong shades may make your face look mature, bigger, or further emphasize your imperfections.

You need to shop for shades that fit the shape of your face. If you have a round face, you should go for a square or rectangle frame to create an angle and enhance its dimension. 

  • Fit

One important consideration is how well your eyewear fits you. Remember that it determines how well you are going to enjoy and wear your eyewear.

You should be comfortable wearing it even for a long period of time. Don’t shop for pretty eyewear but it doesn’t fit you at all. 

  • Lens

The lenses of shades should provide 100 percent UV protection. Buying trendy pair without looking for UV grade is like shopping for something that will harm your eyes.

UV light can damage the eyes over time. It can bring eye diseases to some extent, especially to people over 40 of age.

Polarized lenses lessen the glare from surfaces. It is advisable for light-sensitive people, those who went through cataract surgery and those exposed to sunlight most of the time. 

Blue lenses are perfect for people who use the computer most of the time as they prevent eye strain. It is also advisable when using smartphones, televisions, and other digital appliances. 

Photochromic lenses automatically adjust the lens from light to dark depending on light conditions. It is best for people who are into sports and always do activities outdoors. 

Anti-reflective lenses can lessen the glare, halos, and reflections that bring eye fatigue. It makes your vision sharper and clearer. 

  • The tint of the lens

The lens tint is a very important consideration when buying shades. It is not only for fashion but it provides certain protection when doing sports and other activities. 

You need to know what tint should be good for your needs. The tint for shades is different when driving, skiing, and when you do fishing.

Green: It enhances color balance and contrast. It is best when doing golf and baseball.

Gray: It lessens the overall brightness. It also preserves 100 percent color perception. People active in sports under bright light conditions should wear this tint of the lens.

Yellow/ Orange: It enhances contrast in low-light conditions including indoor sports and outdoors. This tint filters the blue light providing a sharper focus. It is ideal for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, cycling, hunting, shooting, indoor basketball, racquetball, handball, and tennis. 

Amber/ Rose / Red: It improves contrast under sunny and partly cloudy conditions. It may cause an imbalance of colors in the background. People engaged in fishing, hunting, shooting, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and water sports can benefit from this tint of the lens.

Dark Amber/ Brown/ Copper/ Melanin 

These tints get rid of the blue light and improve the vision and contrast. It is best used when looking around the skies and grass as it enhances the contrast. It is perfect for people doing sports like cycling, baseball, fishing, skiing, golf, hunting, and water sports.

  • Durability

When shopping for shades, you should not only consider the style but its durability. Layoners provide a fashionable and durable collection of shades for every wearer. 

You should choose shades that can be used specifically for your activities. For example, if you’re active in sports, you should purchase shades that are impact-resistant and scratch-resistant. 

Make sure that your chosen eyewear can withstand your purpose of use. You don’t want to buy shades every now and then.

  • Brand.

You may want to consider the brand of eyewear that has already made its name in the industry. These brands are popular because they are known in the field for offering high-quality and stylish shades. 

  • Warranty.

The advantage of buying from a popular brand is that it offers a warranty. It’s important that you check this factor before purchasing it. Some brands offer warranties on the lenses, frame, and sometimes the entire glasses when damaged or lost. 

  • Cost

The cost of the sunglasses is also an important consideration. Not all expensive glasses are durable and serve your purpose. Window shop around before placing your order because there are high-quality shades both online and physical shops that are affordable.  

These factors are important considerations before making a purchase. You need to look into them before making an informed decision. 

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