Entering the New Year with Confidence

A new year is here and it is time to work on those goals! One goal that I think more people should have is to be more confident! Life is so much more enjoyable when you love and accept who you are. Here are some tips on how to get on the right track. 

Feel Sexy!

Feeling confident starts with feeling sexy! I always feel super sexy after purchasing new lingerie, especially bras from There is just something about wearing a pretty bra that makes you feel gorgeous!

Another way to feel sexy is to take care of yourself. I make it a habit to always get my hair done and my nails did. This isn’t necessary, but it does give you a boost of confidence. You can always start by doing a weekly beauty night. Use a face mask, whiten your teeth, apply a deep conditioner to your hair. There are a lot of things you can do to make your beauty routine just a little bit more special, leaving you feeling sexier!

Be Nice!

Yes, it is important to be kind to others, but the biggest thing is to be nice to yourself! Happiness starts from within and so does confidence. When talking to yourself, give yourself compliments and avoid the negative talk.

Start this first thing in the morning. Wake up and think about something you are grateful for. If you focus on the good, you will notice that you will be happier, which automatically makes you feel just a little more confident.

Read Books!

There are SO many great books out there to help give you the self-esteem and confidence you are looking for. All of these books will teach you the tools and techniques you need to be nice to yourself and see your worth. 

Yes, there might be things you want to work on. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve yourself while already having confidence! That is where these books will be very helpful. They will teach you how to work on yourself while also being confident with what you have to offer. 

Start by asking friends you trust if they have any books to recommend. You can also search the internet, where you will be able to find numerous reviews to help you find the right book for you!

Be Happy!

It is easier said than done, but happiness is the key to everything good in life. When you are happier, things just seem to fall into place, which can make you feel more confident. 

They kind of go hand in hand if you think about it. You can’t really be confident without being happy and you can’t really be happy without feeling some sort of content or confidence. 

In the new year, take the time to figure out how you can add more confidence to your life. Once you start believing in yourself, things will tend to come easier. Remember, the goal of life is happiness and when it comes to confidence, they go together! 

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