A Bullet Journal for Your Moving Plan

Moving is always associated with excitement, stress, and adventure since it’s a process of having a fresh start and embarking on new experiences. However, the things you need to do before the moving day requires a lot of planning, preparation, and organization. If you don’t want to stress yourself out with the whole aspects of relocation, create a moving plan ahead of time.

Here are the things you need to include in your bullet journal for your moving plan.

1.         Plan everything you need

Again, planning is essential to have a successful moving process. It allows you to stay focused on all the tasks you have to accomplish before, during, and after the move. Below are the things that you should plan before the moving day arrives:

  • Schedule your move-in date – Before doing anything, it’s essential to set your move-in date in advance, so you’ll have sufficient time to get ready with the transition. By knowing the date of your relocation, you’ll be able to determine how much time you may need to complete every task.
  • Set your moving budget – You can’t go on with your move without a specific budget. Make sure you have your budget in place so you’ll have a guide as to how much you’re willing to spend for the whole move.
  • Finalize the method of your relocation – It’s essential to know whether you’ll go for a DIY move or hire professionals. If you’re relocation within the city, you may choose to move on your own. However, if you’re moving to or from New York City which may be miles away, hiring a reliable moving company NYC can be a great idea.
  • Hire movers – Finding moving professionals takes a lot of research. Check if they’re licensed and insured to provide moving services. Ask recommendations from your family and friends to narrow down your options. If there are no referrals, request for price estimates and start comparing their prices.
  • Hire Professional Cleaners– To avoid arguments with the new owner (or landlord if you were renting), you’ll want to leave the place clean and spotless. A professional can give the place a deep clean with no room for complaints. This includes the exterior of the home too, such as the lawn, roof, and gutters so be sure to contact a gardener or a company like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning BINGHAMTON to rake up the leaves and debris. 
  • List down all the to-dos – To make your move much easier and faster, jot down all the things you need to do. By doing so, you can prepare and get things done correctly and on time.

2.         Stay organized

Moving involves transporting all your stuff safely to your new house. You have to organize all your belongings to make sure they’ll be delivered efficiently and securely. Do the following tasks to stay organized throughout the relocation:

  • Measure and arrange – One of the best things to do before moving is to arrange your living space in advance. To do that, make sure you have a floorplan by measuring the dimensions of your new home. Once measurements are done, it’s up to you how you’re going to plan and organize your layouts
  • Declutter – Moving can be an excellent opportunity to let go of things. If you no longer use or need it, start getting rid of it. Follow this rule for all of your stuff, including magazines, books, toys, kitchen wares, and many more. To let go of all your things, you can sell them on a garage sale or donate them to a charitable organization near you.
  • Buy packing supplies – When your move is fast approaching, start gathering packing supplies as early as possible. If your budget is limited, find people and organizations which are willing to donate their boxes. You can also visit the grocery and liquor stores for free boxes. In addition to boxes, be sure to get hold of some other materials like packing tapes, markers, bubble wraps, and so on.
  • Pack smart – Packing is the most challenging part of moving. It requires much time and effort to get all your stuff packed. Thus, decide how you’re going to pack. Whether it’s by room or category, make sure to box the non-essentials first to be followed by the essential ones. Then, don’t forget to label all your boxes appropriately so you’ll not have a difficult time unpacking your stuff.

3.         Get set up in your new place

In order to have a smooth, safe, and fast relocation, it’s a good idea to look for ideas of things that you can do to explore your new place. If possible, get familiar with the rules and regulations of your new city or town. Doing so can help make your relocation a positive and welcoming experience.

Moreover, getting set up in your new home means making it a comfortable place for you and your family. That said, get your place deeply cleaned before you move in. If you want to make some renovations and upgrades, talk to your interior designer to get you started.


A moving plan is vital for a complete and hassle-free move. With a bullet journal for your moving plan along with professionals like Movers NYC, you can stay organized while you relocate. So, start preparing your moving plan now and get ready for a successful move for you and your loved ones.

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