Jet Set Girl: What to Pack for Your Trip

what to wear when traveling on holiday

Ever wondered what bikini fashion choices you should make while on vacation?  I came across this recently and found it may be helpful for folks traveling to warmer climates this summer with what to pack for your trip. What to wear in Ibizia, Egypt, India, Morocco and Brazil!  This was pulled from Debenham’s Blog post:  Holiday… Read more »

Weekend Trip to Edinburgh

edinburgh castle review

This weekend I flew to Edinburgh from London, and had an absolute BLAST. The plane ride was only about an hour, which was great, because I am so over flying right now. What can I say about Edinburgh, Scotland? Well it’s absolutely beautiful! The Scottish Highlands were so lush and green, it was pretty unreal…. Read more »

Paranormal Activity: The Haunted Edinburgh Vaults

Haunted Edinburgh Vaults

I admit, when I first saw that show Ghost Hunters, I got completely sucked in, and kinda maybe paid money to see all the seasons which were out at that time. With a little common sense and few trips to google, I soon realized that my sci-fi channel original series had duped me–or I duped… Read more »

The New Instagram Video App

Facebook bought instagram a while back, and I guess now they’re feeling the heat of popular video sharing apps like Vine and Snapchat. The new Instagram video app is available for download, and will be a part of your normal  feed of people’s vegan meals. Just like the one-frame pictures, you can add filters to… Read more »