Daft Punk’s Horizon

I finally just listened to the new Daft Punk Record, Random Access Memories, because I’ve been so busy! I was…sort of impressed. I’m not huge on a lot of that 70’s kraut or funk, and I guess I’ve been listening to them for so long I have associated them with a particular sound.

Which leads me to believe, Daft Punk might be sick of Daft Punk and were like…hey, let’s change the game. I’m not a musician, but I can understand burnout. I didn’t hate the new record, but I think my favorite song off of it besides Instant Crush wasn’t even released on the actual record.

Horizon is only available on the Japanese version I heard, as  a bonus track. It reminds me of Air or Pin Floyd, it’s sooo chill. I wish they made a whole album of these sleepy time space soundscapes.

The song is available on Youtube:

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