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Telecommuting from Milan


One of the best parts about my job is that I can work anywhere. And when I say anywhere I literally mean anywhere in the entire world. Okay — maybe not ANYwhere, but as long as I can find a coffee shop with Wi-Fi and an outlet I can hop online and get some work done…. Read more »

Best Skin Care Products 2013

Here are the best skin care products that we at Writings and Wanderlust found in 2013. Cleanser The Neutrogena Pore Refining Daily Cleanser is great for individuals with normal skin.  Dissolves make and grime in a snap. Cleansing Wipes If you are in a pinch use the L’Oreal Paris ideal clean makeup cleansing wipes to… Read more »

New York Winter Wear

New York Winter Wear

As the leaves continue to fall, we all know that winter is fast approaching and by taking a look in your closet you might realize that the sweaters you had from last winter aren’t worth keeping around anymore. With fashion coming and going much like the seasons, we decided to take a look at what… Read more »

London Street Style

London street style has us reeling … Our neighbors across the pond have a certain penchant for wearing some sensational everyday styles. The often gloomy London sky calls for plenty of layering which allows residents to get a little more experimental with their dress. London street style is known for covering a lot of ground…. Read more »

Weekend Trip to Edinburgh

edinburgh castle review

This weekend I flew to Edinburgh from London, and had an absolute BLAST. The plane ride was only about an hour, which was great, because I am so over flying right now. What can I say about Edinburgh, Scotland? Well it’s absolutely beautiful! The Scottish Highlands were so lush and green, it was pretty unreal…. Read more »