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Tour de France Live? No, it’s the World Cup!

tour de france live world cup

When most people think of the sporting world in France they picture Tour de France live. Forget that! World Cup fever has hit France in a big way. My current host country put the mark on Honduras this previous Sunday, 3-0, much to the delight of football fans everywhere around. The French squad is set to… Read more »

Bonjour, Paris! Day 1 in the City of Romance

Ireland, Germany and now France! Needless to say this has been a crazy couple of weeks and I have learned a lot about myself and different cultures. This time I decided to skip the flight and use the EU-Rail. I haven’t had much time to sleep as I have been exploring the cities so much…. Read more »

Pictures of the Italian Countryside

Well, in an act of pure stupidity I accidentally deleted all of my beautiful pictures of the Italian countryside. I had the camera plugged into my Macbook and exported the photos to a zip drive. I thought I was all good but low and behold the zip drive was corrupted but alas it was too… Read more »

Getting Excited For Milan!

In just a few more days I’ll be well on my way to Milan! Of all places in the world, I never really saw myself here – something came over me in the last year and half that made me swoon. The more you look the easier it is to fall in love. After doing… Read more »

Eating Cheap in the UK

I’ve already done a few cheap east London type posts, but I’d like to also offer some more widely known health-conscious food choices which include London and the rest of England. In case you don’t know England is different fromt the UK, and the UK is different than the British Isles. Eating cheap in the… Read more »