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Pictures of the Italian Countryside

Well, in an act of pure stupidity I accidentally deleted all of my beautiful pictures of the Italian countryside. I had the camera plugged into my Macbook and exported the photos to a zip drive. I thought I was all good but low and behold the zip drive was corrupted but alas it was too… Read more »

Wine Tasting in Italy

wine tasting in italy

Well I’ve been in Italy for almost a month at this point and it dawned on me that I have yet to go on a wine tasting! While perusing around the internet while I was working, I found an incredible service that that takes you on a walking tour of the city with stops at… Read more »

Bed and Breakfast at Perla di Corso Savoia

Perla di Corso Savoia

Have you ever woken up in an Italian bed and breakfast? I can now officially cross that off my bucket list. Peter and I just stayed at the B&B Perla di Corso Savoia, a beautiful little spot that was recommended to us from a family friend. Even from the other side of the globe I’m… Read more »

Weekend Trip to the Italian Countryside


Well I’m back from my trip to Bianzone and I can honestly say I feel like a whole new person. The trip was exactly what I needed to take a break from the intoxicating times I’ve been having in Milan. It might have been the lengthy train ride but as soon as I arrived I… Read more »

Boutiques in Milan

milan boutiques

I wanted to cover a topic near and dear to my own heart while out living in Milan, the amazing and vibrant boutiques nestled in the city. Known for their colors and off the wall fashion, many of these boutiques serve as inspiration for the rest of the world. Interested in shopping the boutiques in… Read more »