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Pictures of the Italian Countryside

Well, in an act of pure stupidity I accidentally deleted all of my beautiful pictures of the Italian countryside. I had the camera plugged into my Macbook and exported the photos to a zip drive. I thought I was all good but low and behold the zip drive was corrupted but alas it was too… Read more »

Milan Countryside- Stelvio National Park

  Even when you are in a city as beautiful as Milan, it’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So I decided that this weekend would present the perfect opportunity for me to tour some beautiful Italian countryside. I purchased a train ticket to Bianzone which is a small… Read more »

Cool London Hotels

So I decided to get out of my hostel situation since I finally got my tax refund deposited into my bank account. So mama has some money to burn! With a quick google search I narrowed down some cool London hotels, and these are the ones I came up with. Reservations are already booked, I am so… Read more »

Arriving in Paris

I just got settled into my hotel, Les Jardins du Marais in Paris, what a beautiful place, it sure is the perfect romantic hotel, good thing I’m single—not. There are a lot of trees here, a really lovely modern lounge, and my room is nice and comfy. I’ll only be here for a few days,… Read more »