Ribot: A Delicious Dinner in Milan

For our first real high class dining experience in Milan, we visited this delicious restaurant that my mother recommended. It’s called Ribot and differs from other Milanese restaurants as it does not feature any seafood on the menu. I wasn’t too worried as I’m here for two weeks and I have a lot of time… Read more »

Four Seasons in Milan

four seasons in milan

I’ve relished the opportunity to stay within the Four Seasons in Milan since I began planning my trip. Even though I’ve considered myself a hotel connoisseur for years, it doesn’t take much more than opening the door to your room to understand this is top of the line accommodations. The building itself used to be… Read more »

My Latest Pinterest Finds

Pinterest Finds picnic table idea

It’s amazing how many pins I amass over the course of a regular week. Without really thinking about it, just over the course of watching tv or listening to music, I can quickly hit triple digits. Now I’m virtually up to my eyeballs in different crafts. What’s a girl to do? I’ve been meaning to… Read more »