Arriving in Paris

I just got settled into my hotel, Les Jardins du Marais in Paris, what a beautiful place, it sure is the perfect romantic hotel, good thing I’m single—not. There are a lot of trees here, a really lovely modern lounge, and my room is nice and comfy. I’ll only be here for a few days,… Read more »

An American in London

After getting pretty smashed on the plane–thank you alcohol gods–I made it through the annoying process of leaving the airport and finding my hostel, not understanding my cab driver and then awkwardly meeting the people I would be staying with. I walked over to the local pub where I got entirely too drunk off of… Read more »

Record Shops in Paris

I am mildly obsessed with music. I  love my vinyl record collection–there’s always something really kitsch and exciting when I go to a foreign music shop. What albums will they carry? Who are the employees? So I decided to take a look at some of the best record shops in Paris according to the internet,… Read more »