Haunted Hotels London: The Cadogan

Today in Haunted Hotels London: I stay at the Cadogan, a spiffy Knightsbridge joint that has a lengthy history and a famous guest who seemed to have never left. This is the place where poor beloved writer, Oscar Wilde was arrested in room 118 and charged with sodomy. Before that whole ordeal happened, Lillie Langtry, the mistress… Read more »

Haunted Hotels London: The Grange Blooms

Next up on my journey of Haunted Hotels London is another West End place. On a much more economically sound note, and after reading some Grange Blooms hotel reviews, I wanted to try this place out. It’s really quaint and adorable, located right near Covent Garden and the British Museum (which is what I’m about to go… Read more »

Haunted Hotels London: The Langham

The first night I stayed in England I thought to myself: I wonder if anything gruesome or crazy has happened in this room–maybe some murders or the headquarters for a secret love affair between two rivals–who knows! After some research and some poking around, I decided to do this special week segment called..da da daaa:… Read more »

Esoterica at Treadwell’s Books in London

I’ve had a fascination with eastern religions and mysticism throughout my life, I think that the teachings in many of the books and ideologies can be applicable to everyday life as a non-religious person. I stumbled upon Treadwell’s books while exploring the University area in Bloomsbury, one of the only esoteric shops in London that… Read more »