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Esoterica at Treadwell’s Books in London

I’ve had a fascination with eastern religions and mysticism throughout my life, I think that the teachings in many of the books and ideologies can be applicable to everyday life as a non-religious person. I stumbled upon Treadwell’s books while exploring the University area in Bloomsbury, one of the only esoteric shops in London that… Read more »

Cool London Hotels

So I decided to get out of my hostel situation since I finally got my tax refund deposited into my bank account. So mama has some money to burn! With a quick google search I narrowed down some cool London hotels, and these are the ones I came up with. Reservations are already booked, I am so… Read more »

Joy Boutique

I’d seen Joy boutique in London a few times before I finally was able to catch my breath and step inside. The stuff in the window looked really cute, if Urban Outfitters back in the states was a smaller, less ridiculous place. Actually, they do have Urban Outfitters out here, and it is pretty much the same… Read more »

Harrods London

Like a doggie in the window, the glimmer of Harrods London, with its big beady eyes makes you wish you had a fist full of dollars to take it home. If you’re unfamiliar, Harrods is pretty much on the same level as Saks 5th Avenue or Neiman Marcus here in the states—super fancy expensive stuff…. Read more »

Camden Market London

I went to Camden Market London after being told that it was one of this “musts” when you’re in town. It was littered with tourists everywhere, the streets were really packed, and it was a little overwhelming at times. Camden is associated with the punk movement in the late 70s, it was kind of the… Read more »