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Camden Market Vintage Shops

Some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe are second hand–there’s no secret there. I like having unique things without spending a million dollars on designer duds. You can often find high-end items at thrift shops for cheap, which isn’t as great as free, but it is better than paying out the ass. I had… Read more »

Finally: The Borough Market Grilled Cheese Experience

I was feeling better today, a lot better, I’d say I’m 95% now, and I think that’s close enough to being able to brave crowds and drink strange beverages without hating yourself, right. I finally had the Borough Market Grilled Cheese that I had been dreaming about, and my god, it was heaven. Now, the… Read more »

Borough Market

I am a self-professed foodie, and when I heard that one of the world’s prime pig-0ut destinations was in London, I knew that I had to get on that, stat. How have I never heard of Borough Market? I don’t know, I also have never seen Titanic, so it’s really not entirely surprising I suppose…. Read more »

Another Night on Carnaby Street

So, after a night of getting lost in a black of of wikipedia articles and youtube videos about Carnaby Street, I decided to go out there last night for some drinks. We started off at Ain’t Nothin’ But; the  only Blues Bar in Soho and probably anywhere in this country. It’s a little strange, seeing… Read more »

Carnaby Street 1960s

So I was recently informed from a reader that Carnaby Street apparently has some past, kind of similar to San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury in its cultural relevance. The Carnaby Street 1960s vibe was a cool one, swinging London was in full effect, and union jacks hung from every store, go go boots were everywhere…just look at… Read more »