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Paranormal Activity: The Haunted Edinburgh Vaults

Haunted Edinburgh Vaults

I admit, when I first saw that show Ghost Hunters, I got completely sucked in, and kinda maybe paid money to see all the seasons which were out at that time. With a little common sense and few trips to google, I soon realized that my sci-fi channel original series had duped me–or I duped… Read more »

Habits You’ll Pick Up On After Living in London

In this series of post I’m going to attempt to document just what to expect if you’re an American moving to London, or even from other places, although I can only draw from my personal experiences. There are some silly habits you’ll pick up on after living in London include: Picking Up the Accent. I’m… Read more »

Living in England

My personal journey: As an American abroad it can be a real experience living in England as a single woman. Part of why I left had to do with a lot of reasons: I wanted to quit my job and move overseas, I wanted to live in a less war-hungry and sometimes backward country, and… Read more »

Top 5 Summer Street Styles in London

It’s starting to heat up around here, which isn’t saying much compared to my home back in the western part of the US, BUT, there is some serious street style in London. 1. Ankle trousers. These are huge right now, because they’re the perfect not too hot, not too cold bottom that you can look… Read more »

Fabric London Review

I had heard about this infamous club years before I even dreamed of coming here, I didn’t even know it was located in London until I arrived here. I decided to go out the other night, despite feeling like total garbage and get my dance on at this epic drug den. My Fabric London review… Read more »