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Haunted Hotels London: The Grange Blooms

Next up on my journey of Haunted Hotels London is another West End place. On a much more economically sound note, and after reading some Grange Blooms hotel reviews, I wanted to try this place out. It’s really quaint and adorable, located right near Covent Garden and the British Museum (which is what I’m about to go… Read more »

Haunted Hotels London: The Langham

The first night I stayed in England I thought to myself: I wonder if anything gruesome or crazy has happened in this room–maybe some murders or the headquarters for a secret love affair between two rivals–who knows! After some research and some poking around, I decided to do this special week segment called..da da daaa:… Read more »

Esoterica at Treadwell’s Books in London

I’ve had a fascination with eastern religions and mysticism throughout my life, I think that the teachings in many of the books and ideologies can be applicable to everyday life as a non-religious person. I stumbled upon Treadwell’s books while exploring the University area in Bloomsbury, one of the only esoteric shops in London that… Read more »

Cool London Hotels

So I decided to get out of my hostel situation since I finally got my tax refund deposited into my bank account. So mama has some money to burn! With a quick google search I narrowed down some cool London hotels, and these are the ones I came up with. Reservations are already booked, I am so… Read more »

Joy Boutique

I’d seen Joy boutique in London a few times before I finally was able to catch my breath and step inside. The stuff in the window looked really cute, if Urban Outfitters back in the states was a smaller, less ridiculous place. Actually, they do have Urban Outfitters out here, and it is pretty much the same… Read more »