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Top 5 Summer Street Styles in London

It’s starting to heat up around here, which isn’t saying much compared to my home back in the western part of the US, BUT, there is some serious street style in London. 1. Ankle trousers. These are huge right now, because they’re the perfect not too hot, not too cold bottom that you can look… Read more »

Fabric London Review

I had heard about this infamous club years before I even dreamed of coming here, I didn’t even know it was located in London until I arrived here. I decided to go out the other night, despite feeling like total garbage and get my dance on at this epic drug den. My Fabric London review… Read more »

A review of the 2013 London Literature Festival

If you love to read, and you’re looking for an interesting, inspiring, and intellectual playground you may want to check out the 2013 London Literature Festival. Today people such as Barbara Kingsolver were there discussing their new books, and the life of a writer in these changing times. From food bloggers turned authors to seasoned… Read more »

The Woolwich Attack

My heart goes out to Lee Rigby, the solder in the Woolwich neighborhood who was viciously murdered by two Islamic terrorists with meat cleavers. The whole state of London is in shock and sadness over such a random act of cruelty. I hope that the family finds solace in the community coming together over this… Read more »

Field Day Festival in Victoria Park 2013

So excited for Field Day Fest 2013! After Lana Del Rey at Hammersmith, I’m ready for a less emotional music experience, so this Saturday I’m going to be hanging out in Victoria Park with my lady friends getting my dance on! The Field Day Festival in Victoria Park 2013 is a one day event with… Read more »