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England to watch the World Cup!

After enjoying my time in France and Germany, I decided to take a flight to London for some good old fashioned English! The knockout round of the World Cup has begun and I have been itching to get into a real London pub to watch some of the games. I quickly stopped over at my… Read more »

Awesome Beatles History in Liverpool, England

Liverpool England

After hanging out in London and having an incredible time on the London Eye, I decided to head up to Liverpool, England for the day to check out the history behind one of my all-time favorite bands: The Beatles! When I was younger, I remember my dad and I listening to the Beatles on our… Read more »

Stunning Views From the London Eye

london eye tickets

The London Eye is just shy of being known as the iconic landmark of London, right behind Big Ben. This tourist trap is s little costly but worth the price of admission if for no other reason than to cross another item off the bucket list. There’s also no better way to take in sheer… Read more »

Habits You’ll Pick Up On After Living in London

In this series of post I’m going to attempt to document just what to expect if you’re an American moving to London, or even from other places, although I can only draw from my personal experiences. There are some silly habits you’ll pick up on after living in London include: Picking Up the Accent. I’m… Read more »

Living in England

My personal journey: As an American abroad it can be a real experience living in England as a single woman. Part of why I left had to do with a lot of reasons: I wanted to quit my job and move overseas, I wanted to live in a less war-hungry and sometimes backward country, and… Read more »